Middle TN Plant Swap


Do you need to thin, split or divide some of the flora in your gardens?  Would you like to share your mature plants or babies? Do you want to get your hands on some new and unique plants that you can’t find at the box stores and local nurseries? Then you need to come to The Middle Tennessee Plant Swap at Henry Horton State Park!

Our plant swaps are held bi-annually in the spring and fall.  They are very informal meetings with the most generous and friendly gardeners you will ever meet who trade or give away plants, seeds, cuttings and all garden related stuff. We have a potluck luncheon and very informative lectures.

Even if you don't have any plants to share, I strongly encourage you to attend The Middle Tennessee Plant Swap anyway!  You will make new friends, see some old ones and probably leave with a bunch of plants. We would rather give our plants away than have to haul them back home or throw them away.

You need to let your swap organizers know that you plan to attend because we need to be able to estimate how many attendees we will have for logistic purposes.  Please see the Contacts page and the Registration page.

For all you first-timers or newbies, are you curious as to what happens a swap?  Go to our FAQ page or contact one of the swap organizers.  We have some fairly tight trading, some pre-arranged swaps, some very lax plant give-aways and everything in between. Generally folks will set their plants out on a table and place plants they have received underneath or behind their table. If you see a plant you like (on top of the table!), you just ask the owner if there is anything you have that they would like in exchange for it. Sometimes they will trade with you and sometimes they will reserve it for trading for a rare or unusual plant. It pays to show up early if you want to be able to trade for some of the rarer plants - these are usually the first ones to go.

Of the plants that you are bringing, try not to water them immediately before the event. It makes the pots heavier and increases the chances of them leaking and making a mess in someone's vehicle.

Everyone values already rooted plants over fresh cuttings, so it is a good idea to start rooting your cuttings a few weeks before the event.

The biggest thing is that we all have a ton of fun!



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Images courtesy of Joe Weaver
Updated: 04/26/15