Middle TN Plant Swap


Here are a few suggestions on what to bring:

  • PLANTS! 
  • - Plants rooted and potted in paper cups, pots, tin cans or any type container.  They can also be wrapped in paper or plastic.  Every size plant is acceptable, from seedlings to monster mature plants, bulbs, rhizomes, seeds, bushes, shrubs, trees, vegetables, perennials, annuals, herbs, vines, succulents, water plants and houseplants.  If you’ve got it, bring it!  REMEMBER TO LABEL YOUR PLANTS.

  • -  Flower pots, baskets, arts and crafts, homemade jelly, jam, preserves, canned food, gourds, birdhouses, butterfly houses, books, garden magazines, garden tools, garden art, fertilizer and anything that you can come up with that is garden related.

  • -  For setting up your swap items and chairs to sit in.  If you don’t you‘ll wish you had!

  • -  Be sure to bring something to drink.  There is no concession for ice, soft drinks, snacks or water for sale by the campground unless you go to the restaurant or gift shop.

  • FOOD
  • - We will be having a pot luck lunch.  Please bring a dish with enough to feed you and your party.  Meat, veggies, salad, fruit, breads, desert or anything that you can think of.  If your item needs to stay cold or hot, please bring accommodations as there will be no refrigeration or reheating available.  Paper products are provided by the MTPS and a donation jar to help recoup those costs. 

  • - We will be in a field by the woods and near a river.

  • - You may want to keep track of who you traded with and what plants.  Also to take notes while we are listening to our guest speaker.

  • TACKLE BOX, ROD & REEL (fishing license required)
  • -  Just in case you get a chance to wet a line.


Small children need to be watched carefully at all times!  This is a state park campground, so no alcohol is allowed.  As in the case with all parks and nature areas, we abide by the LNT (Leave No Trace) premise.  All trash goes in the garbage cans or back home with you.



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Images courtesy of Joe Weaver
Updated: 04/26/15